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Adele’s SNL Mic Feed Vocals Leaked & Saves Thanksgiving

More Celebrity News ▻▻ Adele dropped her much anticipated album 25 this week and I need you to take a break from listening to the album on repeat, so we can…


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  1. Can I just ask. What performance made america discover Adele? I've loved her since "Chasing Pavements" but I know she blew up here, in the UK, during her 2012 Brit Award performance of 'Someone Like You'. When did America get stunned by her? I want to watch that performance and know that millions of people were getting jaw dropped. She really is a once in a lifetime phenomenon. Have a great day guys.

  2. Help an old woman out please by explaining what they are talking about. What does Mic Feed Vocals Leaked mean? Thanks to the kind person who replies with the answer, I appreciate the help and chance to learn.

  3. I love to hear her acapella!You can love even more her voice cuz you can focus only on that extraordinary voice. Damn you can't deny the fact that she doesn't need the instruments. I listen to her songs acapella a lot to just listen her clean voice. She's the best as a singer and gotta love her down to earth personality.

  4. Adele is the best things that's happened. she has the voice of an angel and she is just amazing I one. I love Adele so so much! I've been out of school for 2 weeks and I've spent my time on youtube, watching Adele ove and ove again. gonna g back to school talking like her from listing to her so much 😂❤. She is such an inspiration. ❤❤ lots of love for Adele 👌

  5. This guy is A horrible queen he's trying to convince us that he is relatable with the "give me life and hashtag references " but it's only coming off as flamboyant. GURL bye!

  6. I should have known the live mic leak would be perfect.. she has an incredible voice! I absolutely love her music. what's equally appealing is her down to earth personality.

  7. Everyone knows Adele is super talented, but she is also super overrated. Like it's crazy, I thought Taylor Swift was overrated. And it's because she's white, white people are always being overrated.

  8. How absolutely ignorant!..Wow people are idiots…you think people can just create their own ambience?…lol She sounded just like every other vocalist does when their voice is converted into an electrical signal and then spit out into a speaker…that was just the dry signal which I might add sounded pretty damn good compared to most vocalists dry signals,,I know because I've recorded a lot of people…Now if you heard her live without a mic in a nice room with good acoustics she'd sound awesome…because her voice wouldn't be being converted into an electrical signal…