A new Apple TV with 120Hz refresh rate support may be coming sooner than expected


We all know Apple is working on a revamped version of the Apple TV, but it might be coming soon. The biggest upgrade on this new Apple TV model, in addition to the updated hardware, is going to be support for a 120Hz refresh rate.

As per 9to5Mac, the publication has found references to support for 120Hz in the code of the latest beta for tvOS 14.5. Right now, the existing Apple TV HD and Apple TV 4K do not support this type of refresh rate because of the limited capabilities of the hardware. By the looks of things, this upcoming Apple TV model will support 4K at 120 Hz, a major boost over the previous generation models.

A new Apple TV with a 120Hz refresh rate makes a lot of sense, but it also requires a TV that supports an HDMI 2.1 port. Not many televisions currently offer an HDMI 2.1 port, but every new major high-end TV will support this capability going forward. Not to forget both the PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X already 120 Hz playback, which translates to higher frame rates and improved gameplay.

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For the longest time, Apple considered its Apple TV device as just a “hobby”. Experts say the new Apple TV model might indicate a new beginning for Apple’s ambition to target the device towards families and casual gamers. The tech giant is getting serious about gaming lately, and the launch of Apple Arcade seems to indicate Apple’s growing ambitions in the booming gaming market. The Cupertino, California-based Apple recently added more than 30 games to its Apple Arcade, including Fantasian, a new Japanese role-playing game from the creator of Final Fantasy.

Apple launched the Apple TV 4K back in 2017, and while it served its purpose, not many liked the bundled Siri-powered remote that came with the device. A Bloomberg report in late last year claimed that a revamped Apple TV will focus more on gaming and might also include a brand new remote.


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