A Home Business Allows You To Work Less And Play More

The joy of having a home business is that you will have the time freedom to do the things in life that you enjoy doing or maybe never have had the chance to enjoy. As the old quote goes: "Nobody on their death bed said I wish I'd worked more!" You will find that the more you "play" the better your life becomes in all areas. Here's another quote, this one by William Feather: "Plenty of people miss their share of happiness, not because they never found it, but because they did not stop to enjoy it."

We are all taught from infancy to work hard, be productive because these are the keys to living a long, fulfilling life. How many of you still believe this and are living that very fulfilling life? Sure, we're living a longer life due to our advanced medical technologies, but our long time here on earth is not necessarily healthy and vibrant.
So many people now spend their retirement years going to doctors, taking a dozen or more medications and are now too depleted both physically and financially to go out and enjoy what life they have left.

That's why so many people are now realizing that working long hard hours in high stress jobs is not the key to a productive, fulfilling and fulfilling life. That is why all of these people are starting to research and realize the true value and benefit of owning a home based business.

Imagine just being able to do the simple every day tasks of grocery shopping, going to the bank, going to the post office during the daytime hours when every one else is hard at work at their jobs. Of being able to avoid standing in long lines, avoiding the crowds of people scrambling to get these same chores done during their small window of time during their lunch break or after their eight hour work day.

Now imagine spending just two to four hours a day (or more if you so desire) working your home business, then going out to play golf, or to go boating or skiing or camping or whatever it is you enjoy doing. Having a leisurely lunch or dinner with family or friends whenever you so choose to. Being able to take vacations and trips when you want to, not when your job allows you to.

Running a home business does not mean that you will not end any stress or that you will not spend any time working hard. It still takes time, hard work and persistence to be successful in your home business. But it is time and hard work that will pay dividends to you, not an employer and dividends in that it allows you to work less, have less stress, play more and quite enjoy a much more fulfilling and prosperous life.

Source by Alan Nettles

Written by sortiwa