8BitDo’s N30 wireless mouse is a must-have for NES lovers


Bottom line: The 8BitDo N30 wireless mouse is clearly a nostalgia grab. It doesn’t look very comfortable for long-term use and there are far better options out there in terms of practicality but boy is that retro design incredibly gorgeous.

Third-party video game hardware maker 8BitDo is now shipping an affordable stocking stuffer that’s both nostalgic and practical.

Inspired by the original Nintendo Entertainment System, the 8BitDo N30 wireless mouse could easily be mistaken for a period correct accessory from the mid-1980s. Designed by Daniel Jansson years ago, the pointer has been brought to life through a partnership with 8BitDo and now you can own one.

The 2.4GHz mouse features left and right click buttons modeled after the A and B buttons from the original NES controller and even has a touch sensitive panel between the buttons. On the left side is a functional directional pad that offers page up / page down and forward / backward operation. It is compatible with both Windows and Mac.

Even the bottom of the pointer looks as you’d expect with feet on each corner, an on-off switch, the optical sensor and a battery compartment that also stores the USB dongle.

The 8BitDo N30 wireless mouse retails for $24.99 and for an additional $0.99, they’ll toss in an NES-inspired mouse pad.


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