7 Personalized Gifts to Give This Christmas

The Christmas season is here, but something is different this year; the pandemic. The coronavirus pandemic will hinder Christmas celebrations with friends and family this season because social gatherings are prohibited. As such, people are looking for alternatives to touch their loved ones’ hearts from their homes. One way to achieve this is by personalizing the gifts you will give people close to you.

Personalized gifts are a memorable way to show love and appreciation for your loved ones. Nothing warms the heart more than seeing your name or initials on a piece of jewelry or seeing a portrait of your family.

1. A clock

Stand out in your gifting style by getting a cuckoo clock instead of ordinary clocks. Cuckoo clocks leave room for personalization because they are crafted from wood. You will talk to the crafter, who will help you pick a style, animation, music, and clock quality while still maintaining your budget. You can also buy the clock on an online shopping site and add a personal touch to it.

2. A photo art snapshot

Are you worried that you are running out of gift ideas this Christmas? You should not be. A photo art snapshot is a simple yet thoughtful gift that will not cost you a penny. This makes it a good gift when you have little to spend on gifts. Simply take several pictures of the people you are gifting and arrange them randomly. You can also arrange them in any shape you desire, like a heart shape. The pictures can be of the most memorable moments to make the art unique and meaningful.

3. Personalized jewelry

Bracelets, pendants, necklaces, or rings can be personalized by engraving the name of the person you are gifting. To add an extra personal touch to it, let the name be engraved in your handwriting. You can then give the person the jewel in an elegant gift box. Personalized jewelry can also be given to an entire family. You can gift each family member a linked circle necklace with the name of each family member engraved in one circle.

4. A painting or portrait

Portraits and paintings of the entire family are a gift you should consider. The gift does not necessarily need to be from a family photo; it can be from individual pictures of the family members nicely arranged within the frame. Portraits and paintings can also be of a person’s pet. You can provide it with an extra oomph by giving the pet a royal touch on the portrait or painting.

5. A personalized puzzle

If you are gifting an entire family, consider getting them a personalized family puzzle. You can use a picture of the family involved in a fun activity like playing with snow to make the puzzle. It can also be a picture of a special moment that the family shared. A personalized puzzle is both a fun and touching gift. It also promotes togetherness because the whole family needs to come together to do the puzzle.

6. A personalized journal

Does your loved one love to write about their day in a journal? If so, then this could be the perfect gift for them. It also suits aspiring writers as they embark on their writing journey. You can give it a leather covering to spruce it up. The top cover can have the initials of the name of the person receiving the gift and the first page a short and warming message to remind the person that he or she matters.

7. A personalized utensil

A cup, plate, or chopping board can be personalized and given as a gift. For cups, you can personalize them by inscribing the name of the person receiving the gift. Personalized chopping boards are an excellent gift for people who love cooking. The board can have an inscription of the person’s name, birthday, favorite emoji, and flower decorations. Plates can be personalized by inscribing a special family recipe passed down to generations.

The giving season is here, and coronavirus should not be the reason you cannot warm the hearts of your loved ones. You can never disappoint with personalized gifts. Deviate from the tradition of ordinary gifts and standout every Christmas.

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