7 Must-Have Technologies for SMEs Businesses in Kenya

The SMEs have a great contribution to Kenya’s economy. This is because when most Kenyans are looking for businesses to start in Kenya, they settle on an SME. It is also worth noting that these enterprises have offered millions of Kenyans jobs. 

However, it is not always rosy running a successful SME in Kenya. For that reason, most SME owners have to adapt to a number of technologies for marketing and operations so that they can continue thriving and growing. Read on to find out the must-have technologies for SMEs in Kenya to operate effectively in today’s digitalized economy.

  • Digital Marketing

The potential of digital marketing in Kenya has been realized with several agencies at the disposal of brand owners for digital marketing services like SEO, SMO, and PPC. SMEs that use digital marketing services are not only able to generate more leads that sell faster but are also able to interact with their both potential and loyal customers in real-time.

  • Social Media Technology

A majority of SMEs if not all are using social media platforms to promote businesses online. This has enabled businesses to increase brand awareness across sites like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. Social media marketing also enables enabling businesses to drive website traffic and increase sales. For professional assistance on how to effectively incorporate social media technology in a small or medium-sized enterprise, you can get in touch with a digital marketing agency Kenya Nairobi.

  • Use of cashless mode of payments

Lately, there has emerged a number of cashless modes of payments that most customers are preferring to use as they are safer. In Kenya for example, paying via Mpesa for services rendered or products purchased has become a new norm. Quite a number of SMEs have included cashless payment options in their operations, making it easier for customers to opt for cashless payments. 

There are others that are also accepting cryptocurrency. This is one way of guaranteeing customer satisfaction and building credibility.

  • Business management software 

If you are not using the latest business management software in the market, you are missing out big time. The softwares are aimed at giving business owners an easy time running and managing day to day activities. They also guarantee impressive levels of efficiency in monitoring business and providing accurate reports.

  • Email Functionality/marketing

Yet another way to build business credibility. A functional email system for SME produces an opportunity to boost sales, build and maintain brand loyalty, and create lasting customer relationships through communication.

  • Cloud computing and storage

With many Kenyan based small and medium-sized businesses embracing the use of computers today, it is equally important for them to embrace cloud computing as well. Cloud computing enables a business to store and safeguard its key data and information in a manner that it is recoverable should a disaster strike. Also, when business information is stored in the cloud, its employees can access it from anywhere or even work from anywhere especially now that working from home has become a norm.

  • Mobile Applications

Kenyans are avid users of smartphones and it makes sense why SMEs in Kenya should have apps designed for their businesses. Since an app is supposed to have all the information and details about your business, people find it easier to install them on their phones for easy access when they need to request services or products.

In conclusion, SMEs in Kenya should adapt to such technologies for them to thrive even if it means applying for SME loans in Kenya to finance them. Well, as far as SME financing in Kenya is concerned, there are several banking institutions offering business loans at friendly interest rates. 

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