7 easy tips for anyone to take better smartphone photos


Written by Nandagopal Rajan
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Updated: August 19, 2020 12:04:48 pm

7 easy mobile photography tips for everyone (Image: Pixabay)

With each passing World Photography Day, the realm of photography itself has been moving more towards smartphones. Over the past many years now more photos are shot using phones and not standalone cameras. So while all of us with smartphones, and even feature phones, can click photos, we might not be doing the best given the camera capabilities of the phone and the conditions.

Here are some simple tips

1. Always wipe your lens before you shoot. Often, you see photos with a haze effect. That is not a filter, but just oil from that last Aloo Parantha you had for breakfast. So wipe the lens on a clean piece of cloth — yes, you can use your T-Shirt — once in a while.

2. To avoid burn out in your photos, once you have composed a frame, tap on the brightest part of the screen. This will balance the exposure and ensure you get a better result. Also, you can then adjust the exposure to make the picture darker or brighter.

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3. While taking photos of friends and family, use a contrasting background. This gives the photos a much better impact. If there is nothing to contrast against, just go down on your knees and get the sky into the picture behind the faces. See the difference.

4. When clicking photos outdoors, the sun should ideally be behind you to get well-lit faces and subjects. Indoors, apply the same rule to the light source. Always avoid getting the light source in the frame. If it is in the frame, bring the subject in front to cover it, and create a silhouette effect.

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5. Use portrait mode ideally when there is only one subject. Avoid it for groups, as someone’s shoulder or hair could get messed up. Try portrait modes for clicking photos of flowers, animals and other stuff. The results are often stunning.

6. While shooting video of a static object, use slow motion and move towards the subject. This creates a 3D effect with any camera.

7. For boring frames, try Black and White. That will make it better than a dull colour photo.

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