6 Tips to Improve Your Cat’s Health

Pets are part of our family and it is important to take even your furry friend’s health seriously. It can be difficult to know what measures to take to ensure and better your cat’s health and wellness which is why we have provided 6 tips to improve your cat’s health!


There are plenty of services to look into for having your cat professionally groomed but this is also something that you can easily do at home, yourself! Simply brush or comb your cat a few times a week to help to avoid your cat getting hairballs by ingesting fur that naturally falls out of their coat. Grooming your cat regularly will also help you to notice any changes to your cat’s body that may be something you will need to have checked out further by a veterinarian. If your cat comes into your life as a kitten, you can also familiarize them with water at an early age to have the ability to give them a full bath for years to come.


Still, using a traditional litter box for your cat? It may be time for an upgrade! An extra-large litter box can offer your cat a more sanitary and larger place in your home. More modernized and versatile litter boxes such as this one are great solutions for households with several cats or even just one. Be sure to change the litter and liners in your cat’s litter box regularly to avoid potential health risks.


There is no better measure to take to maintain and even improve your cat’s health than to visit the vet regularly. For cats with minimal to no health issues, an annual visit to have them checked out and their teeth cleaned is sufficient but for elderly cats or cats with health concerns, you may want to consider visiting more regularly. Make sure your cat is up to date on all of its vaccines for improvement in health and happiness! If you are having difficulties getting your cat to the vet as they often are not too keen on this trip, look into mobile vet services or veterinarians who make house calls.


Staying hydrated is important for both humans and felines! Pet Fountains are a great and affordable way to provide your cat with fresh water all of the time. If your cat prefers to drink out of a regular bowl, make sure their bowl of water is refreshed and cleaned at least once a day to avoid it developing any mold or bacteria that could be harmful to your cat’s health. If you notice their water supply does not seem to be getting used, make sure to notify your vet and schedule a check-up as soon as possible.



Just like staying hydrated is important for both humans and cats, so is a proper diet and regularly consuming nutrients that are key to better health. Typically, feeding your cat a mix of both wet and dry food helps in a well-rounded diet. Further from that, make sure to do some research on the food you are feeding your cat before you do. Cat food can often be purchased at the vet’s office or they will at least be able to give you a recommendation of safe brands to purchase online or at your local pet store or grocery store.

Play With Your Pet

Last but not least, make sure to give your cat ample attention and play with them regularly. Activity and exercise can attribute to improvement in your cat’s health along with quality time spent with its owner! Cats love small but safe toys, paper bags, catnip, cat trees, and other scratching posts that will give them the exercise they need, especially if they are indoor cats.


Use these tips to improve your cat’s overall health and give them long and happy life as part of your family! Proper food, water, and vet visits are imperative for your pet’s health but upgraded litter boxes and regular grooming are also big contributing factors to ensure your cat is living its best life.

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