6 best CD and DVD encryption software for Windows 7, 10 PCs


cd/dvd encryption softwareDiskEncryptor is a CD/DVD encryption software developed by Kernsafe and equipped to encrypt data contents stored on disk drives. The software supports a wide range of external storage devices, including memory cards, floppy disk, USB flash drives and others. In fact, DVD images (ISO) and virtual CDs & DVDs can also be encrypted by this software.

DiskEncryptor uses a high-end encryption protocol, AES 256-bit, to protect encrypted files. Disc partitions can also be encrypted, thereby restricting all forms of forceful installations or unauthorized access. The tool also integrates well with Windows Explorer and you are afforded the opportunity of locking/unlocking your drive(s) with a password.

Furthermore, the software is lightweight (small-sized) and can be installed on all versions of Windows, up to the latest version, Windows 10. It also functions perfectly well on both Intel and AMD computers.

DiskEncryptor offers new users a brief free trial period, with limited access. However, you can easily upgrade to the premium version, at affordable subscription rates, to enjoy the full benefits of the software.

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