5 Ways You Can Increase Your Energy Levels by Eating Healthy

Keeping your body strong and healthy is critical at times of high stress, and for many of us, 2020 has been extremely stressful. Comfort foods may make us temporarily happy, but too much comfort food can lead to an extra burden on our immune and endocrine systems. Small changes can help us move easily from stressed to strong.


Make water the easiest choice, particularly early in the day. Healthy water habits include investing in water bottles and a great filtration system. Fill your bottles before bed and refrigerate them overnight so you can have cool water at your fingertips as soon as you open your refrigerator.

Try to keep water on the table with your meals. For many of us, ice water is not a comfortable beverage, so if you have a spare glass bottle with a stopper, make that your water bottle on the table when you sit down to dine. If you like, add a bit of lemon for flavor with your meal. With enough water, you can protect your joints, your cleansing organs, and your gut.


Foods high in antioxidants are generally good for you as they’re high in roughage, vitamins, and minerals. However, a focus on antioxidants is great for your energy levels.

Even with a perfect diet, we’re going to be exposed to and absorb toxins that will live in your tissues unless you flush them away. When your body breaks down foods, the oxidization process also releases toxins that linger in the tissues. These toxins are called free radicals.

Antioxidants travel through your body and latch onto these free radicals. Once these pairings enter your bloodstream, your cleansing organs, including

  • kidneys
  • liver
  • gut

shed these toxins. A diet of foods high in antioxidants will boost your roughage intake and give you steady, dependable energy no matter your stress and toxin load.


Whole grain products, such as brown rice and whole-wheat pasta offer a wonderful way to boost your fiber intake. Take a good look at your habitual carbohydrate intake and do your best to move from refined grains with high amounts of processed sugars to whole grains loaded with natural sweeteners.

Skip the granola and buy Muesli cereal in bulk. Take single servings to work and blend it with plain yogurt. Sprinkle the mixture with fresh berries and enjoy a sweet, crunchy treat instead of chips or a candy bar in the afternoon.

There’s nothing about eating healthy that means you can’t have a treat. Have some popcorn for a treat in the evenings or whenever you sit back to enjoy a movie or television show. As you move from high levels of sugar to fresh fruits, consider reducing your salt intake as well.


Do your best to eat defensively when you’re thinking about upping your vitamin intake. You may need a daily multivitamin to cover all your bases, but strive to eat a diet of raw fruits and veggies that are high in color. Bright, colorful foods are inherently richer in vitamins than lighter colored foods.

Dark green broccoli, bright red tomatoes, crunchy orange carrots, and deep purple grapes can all boost your vitamin C levels. These foods also contain natural sugars to keep your energy level consistent and usable, rather than forcing you to cycle from famine to feast and back again.


The nice thing about adding a hearty protein to your diet at several points in the day is that it lowers your risk of an energy drop. As soon as our energy starts to fall, our bodies tell us that sugar will help us feel better.

The desire for sugar is actually accurate; for a short time, your energy will rise. However, you’ll crass again and the next one will be worse. Protein, such as a hard-boiled egg or some cheese on whole-grain crackers, will help you to keep on track energetically and stay effective as the day goes on.

If every day takes lots of sugar and caffeine just to get from your morning shower to pajama time, it’s time to reassess your workload, your sleeping hygiene, and your stress level. However, a diet that supplies steady energy, keeps your toxin level low and keeps your tummy pleasantly full with low-fat protein will help you make the most of your day.

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