5 Tryout Tips To Help Your Child Get On Their Dream Team

5 Tryout Tips To Help Your Child Get On Their Dream Team-f902e221

As a parent, you always want the best for your child. Athletic kids always feel incredibly anxious and pressured when trying out for their dream team. The pressure to impress the coach or fear of embarrassment in front of their peers may make a super talented child under-perform during tryouts. Here are some incredible tips to help your child join their dream team.

1. Help Your Child Practice What They The Best At

An excellent way to make it into the team is ensuring that your child is exceptionally good at playing a specific position. Different games have different positions to play. For instance, the other playing positions in basketball include the point guard, the shooting guard, the power forward, the center, and the small forward.


Each position requires a unique skill set. Specialization in playing a particular role provides a higher chance of joining the team.

2. The First Impression is Everything

Just like a job application for team tryouts, the first impression is everything. Ensure that your kids make a good first impression. You can achieve this by working on their confidence so that they appear calm and collected during tryouts.


Alternatively, they could wear their custom basketball jersey to the tryouts. It is crucial to stand out from the crowd. The latter is achieved either with their skill-set or their oozing confidence.


One way of showcasing the child’s confidence is when the child sprints instead of casually running when the coach calls out their name during tryouts. If your child is a natural-born leader, create an environment where they can fully optimize this trait. Coaches often look for players who can lead, and this will give them a better chance.

3. Be Courageous

The most influential precipitating factor to failure is fear. A child trying out for a new team often feels compelled to perform. However, they fear making a fool out of themselves, especially in front of their family and friends. It is crucial for you as a parent to always be in support of their dreams. Let them know that despite the outcome that you will always be there. This will give your child the boost of confidence that they need.


Encourage your child to converse with the coach before tryouts. Most kids are too shy even to make friends or have a conversation with the coach. When your child is identified as courageous, they will have a better chance of joining their dream team.

4. Encourage Them To Be A Team Player

One of the qualities that coaches look out for when scouting for new players is their ability to assimilate into the team quickly. A team player should be able to push his or her teammates to become the best. They should ooze with a positive aura, have excellent communication skills, and have impeccable sportsmanship.


By impacting these qualities to your child, they will have a better chance to join their dream team. The latter is done by ensuring that your child who has started showing talent in sport joins a sports talent academy. Alternatively, they could participate in the community games and be part of the local team before trying out for their dream team.

5. Help Your Child To Focus In The Process

Sometimes, tryouts do not go as planned. Mistakes do happen and what matters is how you correct yourself from the mistake. Ensure that your child learns this concept, as it may help them overcome a bad tryout moment.


Practice will help sharpen their sportsmanship skills. Performance cues are defined as the mental state in which an athlete tries to execute a skill. Often, kids are bombarded with information on what to do to get to their dream team. They tend to forget that they are talented enough, and showcasing a small part of the talent is a part of the process.


As a parent, it would be best if you do not put too much pressure on them. Let your child have fun while auditioning for a team. The more fun they have, the more they look at ease, and the more they will look like naturally bred athletes.


Conclusively, nothing is a guarantee; all you have to do is try. However, using the above-listed tips, your child should be in the best position to join their dream team.

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