5 Things All Women Should Know About Their Health

5 Things All Women Should Know About Their Health-1539efae

As a woman, it’s important to have healthy habits to avoid disease and prolong your life. Unfortunately, many women put others first instead of taking care of themselves due to other chores such as taking care of the children, work, or busy schedules. The following are several important factors you should know about your life.

Keep Your Heart Healthy

Women are prone to heart disease just like men are and should take the necessary steps to keep a healthy heart. A Woman’s heart is usually smaller than a man’s heart but has the same interior chambers resulting in the woman’s heart pumping faster. When women get stressed, the heart rate increases and the blood pumps more. Women are more prone to coronary heart disease, which if not treated can cause heart attacks or heart failure. Women should consume fewer calories by eating more fiber, reducing cholesterol, weight, and blood pressure. Eating fresh fruits, whole grains, poultry, and low-fat dairy can help keep your heart healthy. You should get enough exercise for at least 30 minutes four days per week can help keep the heart-healthy. Exercise that gets the heart pumping and the blood flowing such as walking, jogging dancing, and swimming are great choices.

Osteoporosis Is a Thing

Osteoporosis is when the bones in your body become too weak and can break easily. Osteoporosis can cause fractures in the hips, spine, wrist, or other major bone when this happens. Osteoporosis is more common in women due to hormonal changes that can occur after menopause due to loss of bone density. The number of bones peaks in women between 25 and 35 but as women get older, they start to lose bone at the age of 35. To prevent osteoporosis, eating a well-balanced diet that is high in calcium-rich foods and absorbing enough vitamin d is crucial to the prevention. If you smoke, it’s time to quit as smoking affects the body’s ability to absorb calcium and other nutrients needed.

Have a Breast Exam

I know this isn’t on top of every women’s mind and is often dreaded, but it can certainly save your life. Mammograms are not preventative to breast cancer but can save your life by detecting cancer early. Women should start getting a mammogram at 40 years of age or earlier if high risk. Yes, a mammogram can be a little discomfort but it’s a fast procedure, safe, and very little exposure to radiation from the mammogram. If you don’t like waiting for the results of the mammogram, some centers can give you the results before you leave.

Changes in Libido and Dryness

As you get older, your sexual libido and dryness will change. Your sex drive may go down or become non-existent. This may occur as some women get into their 40’s and it can affect their self-esteem and relationships. If you are not keeping up on your physical and mental health, this can have an effect on your sexual health. Changes in your hormones can also cause vaginal dryness which is most common after menopause. Trying natural remedies for vaginal dryness can help reduce vaginal itching, irritated genital area, and soothe painful intercourse. You can also use the cream before intercourse to make sex more pleasurable.

Slower Metabolism

Metabolism starts to slow the older you get meaning you can’t have the same habits as you did in your younger years. As your metabolism slows down, it increases your chance of weight gain, body size, and composition. This usually is a result of eating too many calories, not enough exercise, medications, and unhealthy habits. To stay on top of your metabolism, eating a well-balanced diet with a lot of protein, doing aerobic exercise weekly, and avoiding junk food will help your metabolism.


Awareness of the changes your body makes as you get older is crucial to living a healthy and happy life. A slowed metabolism, stress, and lack of exercise is a recipe for disaster that can lead to diseases and illnesses that cannot always be turned around. Taking immediate action to help prevent illnesses and diseases from taking hold of your body is pertinent for a happy and healthy life.

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