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5 Spring Styles That Look Fantastic in Nature

It’s spring and everyone thinks of new life and new clothes. There are many styles and colors to choose from, so the selection isn’t an issue. One of the trendiest elements for the new spring collection is getting inspiration from nature.

There has always been a sense of that in the fashion world with colors and floral prints, but designers went to the max this year to promote their ecological sense in their clothes. The results are five spring styles that look fantastic in nature.

Digital Printing Textiles

This was the hottest trend among runway designers this year. Designers took digital cameras and photographed their favorite natural elements. Then, they digitally printed their photos onto textiles to make dresses, suits, and weekend wardrobe outfits.

With this trend, you can wear not only floral but also ocean waves, trees, and even the night sky.

The merging of high-tech with earthy design has proven dynamic for the fashion industry. The prints can be manipulated into large or small designs, mixed with metal or contemporary art designs and used in ways never thought of before.

Suddenly, your clothes become traveling natural art and can become unique as you are. They look awesome in nature because they are inspired by nature. They also look good in the city as well.

Using Earthy Fabrics

There are many natural fabrics that give you a sense of nature. From freshly washed cotton to silk, to even a vintage lace fabric, these materials are derived from nature and carefully crafted into great outfits.

Many of these types of fabrics are easier to take care of than in the past too. New technology has merged natural fabrics with things like stain-resistant sprays and wrinkle-resistant manufacturing, so these natural fabrics will always look good no matter where you are.

Honoring Ancient Civilizations

Ancient designs had a unique connection to nature and prompted people with work within nature’s rules. Incorporating some of the prominent colors, designs, and practicality of ancient design can provide an interesting look and also keep your warm and dry through early spring rains.

For instance, you can find a mukluk in Canada and elsewhere that is a practical way to stay in touch with nature while remaining at the forefront of style. There are hundreds of styles of mukluk to choose from and a quality boot will keep your feet warm and dry for years.

Ancient designs can connect you with an unknown past and ground you with the spiritual side of nature. They also provide a bold way to enhance your clothes.

Fabrics used by past centuries are highly practical for colder climates and work well going into spring whether you are outside in nature or inside working. Using fabrics that are tried and true for your area will yield the best results. A modern version of one of these fabrics includes barkcloth, a polyester blend.

Take a Cue from Animals

Leopard and tiger prints have always had a following, but will make more of a dramatic entrance this year. They blend in with nature with a fierce look, but still remain a part of it.

Other prints, designs, and colors that are inspired by animals include snake and alligator prints, and zebra prints. Even colors and patterns found in birds and fish and making it to the runway while looking fantastic during a walk in the park.

Fish offer some interesting patterns and colors and also inspire flow and scale-like patterns in spring clothes. There is nothing unimportant in nature.

Ecologically-Sound Clothes

One way to have your fashion blend beautifully in nature is to make sure it comes from a sustainable resource. There are many clothes producers who are doing remarkable things with dyes made from fruit or flowers, textiles made from hemp or other types of plants and using local resources in a proper way to ensure nature will be there in the future.

Supporting these efforts will ensure they thrive while you have a forward fashion sense.

Those who love nature love the way they feel when their clothes are derived from all that is good on the Earth. Wearing fashion that is not only trendy but reflects nature will look good both in sprawling lands full of nature as well as in the urban jungle.

Author bio: Katie earned a BA in English from WWU and loves to write. She also adores hiking in redwood forests and photography. She feels happiest around a campfire surrounded by friends and family. If you are looking for a mukluk in Canada, Katie suggests you check out Tribal Trading Co’s online selection.

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