5 Questions To Ask Your Dentist

“A good day begins with a beautiful smile.” “The first step to making friends is by smiling at them.” These are just some of the beautiful quotes that encourage people to take care of their dental health to improve their quality of life. It begins with having all the correct information. Here are five crucial questions you should ask dentists in Westerville, Ohio, or wherever you live. 


1. How Often

Most dentists recommend that the average person visits the dental clinic twice a year- that is, every six months- for a dental checkup or cleaning. The regular pattern of brushing and flossing twice a day may not be enough to keep your teeth in perfect condition as plaque builds up on the enamel (the hard surface of the tooth), hardens to tartar, and eventually leads to dental diseases such as cavities and gingivitis.


However, this may vary for different persons depending on the condition of your teeth. People suffering from oral diseases such as bleeding gums or cavities may require more visits. Your dentist will be able to advise you according to your health needs.

2. Best at Home Care

Home is where it all starts. Your parents, guardian, or teacher teach you that you should brush your teeth twice a day- in the morning and the evening. One of the critical questions to ask your dentist is when to brush your teeth before or after breakfast to clear any doubt you may have on the appropriate timing. This question is fundamental if you have a specific condition or have braces, for example.


It is also essential to ask what the right product to use is. For example, what is the right toothbrush, what ingredients to look out for in your toothpaste, how often you should use mouthwash? In addition to this, ask your dentist to demonstrate the right way to brush and floss your teeth.

3. How to Optimize Your Diet 

Growing up, you probably heard that sugary sweets and candies are not suitable for your teeth. These are just one of the very few terrible things for your oral hygiene. Other foods that contribute to poor oral health are; soft drinks, sports beverages, citrus fruits, red wine, crackers, pasta sauce, the list goes on and on.


A characteristic that most of these foods have in common is their acidic nature. The acid is absorbed directly by the tooth, and this wears out the enamel. Consequently, this leaves the teeth prone to cavities and other oral diseases such as the bad breath. Drinks such as wine contain tannin, which stains the teeth, thus leading to discoloration. Your dentist can guide you on the foods you need to add or remove from your diet.

4. Children’s Appointments 

Experts recommend that you take your child for their first dental checkup within six months after their first tooth appears. At this age, professional help comes in handy mainly because the child cannot speak and may not communicate issues like pain in their gums. After a proper examination, a dentist can provide appropriate information on the baby’s feeding practices, baby bottle tooth decay, how to clean their teeth and mouth, finger-sucking habits, and teething.


A visit to the dentist also helps in the early detection of problems that may affect the child’s health and monitor the growth of the other teeth.

5. Payment Methods and Financial Policies

You may have been issued with some papers to sign at the clinic or hospital containing terms and policies to consider at the time of service. Just like any doctor from any other type of facility, your dentist is bound by specific guidelines. 


You might need to ask your dentist to elaborate on particular terms written on the patient treatment and financial policy document, such as what would happen in the case of a missed appointment or how to work around the services that your financial insurance covers- which services are covered and which are not. 


Some dental Clinics provide a very serene environment to make you comfortable asking such questions and having a worry-free visit. Your dentist may not give you all the answers, but they know who best can.


A healthy set of teeth gives you a burst of confidence and boosts your self-esteem and an excellent start to a good day. With the correct information from your dentist, it should be easier to maintain and keep your set stronger for longer.




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