5 New Apps That Can Help Boost Your Company Productivity

In today’s digital world, mobile and computer apps are changing the way of doing business. No matter the type of business you are engaged in, using these business apps to run and grow your business smoothly may be necessary

Choosing the right apps to run your business has a lot of benefits. These apps have a huge advantage that moves your company from improved productivity to higher morale. Using the right app changes how you work daily. Unsurprisingly, it is a significant task for you to find the right app for your company. Here are some apps that can help you boost your company’s productivity.


This app provides a unified dashboard for managing employee productivity, timesheets, payroll, and scheduling. This tool not only applies to your office employees and remote workers but also has features of tracking and supporting your employees on the move. The app contains a GPS tracker that lets you track your employees’ location using geofences through their phones, enabling automatic time and attendance reporting to the workplace.

This app gives your workers assurance that their time is tracked accurately and reduces the stress of managing your team’s time across projects in multiple locations. The app also simplifies scheduling by providing daily online tasks, lists with attendance reporting, and team management tools. It makes it easier for you to efficiently distribute tasks to your working team because you can organize the time available within the same schedule.


This app creates and edits online mind maps. Your team can use it to visualize all the tasks assigned and needed to complete and how their work fits into the big picture. This app is particularly handy when you are coordinating a large team of workers. Your team members can also collaborate on the mind map by adding extra details and tasks where required. The mind map structure still shows which job is scheduled to be done first before the next.

Additionally, these app includes an integrated chat enabling workers to discuss changes to the map and ability to comment on individual entries. It means you can discuss with your workers and improve the map’s content without continually changing the plan itself. Your workers can also vote on individual entries.


This app is a virtual assistant featuring a calendar and what-to-do lists. The app can automatically create a daily list of work based on your calendar entries and sync with your tasks from the other calendar apps. It makes alerts and notifications from your bank and other social media, including third-party services.

The 24me app is simple to use to improve your company productivity and is only available for smartphones. It makes it ideal for your team to always move from location to another or from client to client. The apps have a platform that integrates with your existing systems and reduces the confusion of switching to different apps, reducing productivity.


This app lets you keep your team on track with daily tasks using automatic text alerts and reminders for their schedules and work updates. It is the best app for mass text messaging with your workers each time either working or needed to start working. Texts alert and reminders are available features within the app to help keep your team on schedule and receive essential updates even without online connections.

It is an active internal communication mode that ensures long-term engagement and productivity of your employees. Using this app lets you manage all your company text communication from one single platform. It simplifies work for colleagues because members can pick up tasks where others left off, resulting in efficient customer handling and interactions.

Quantum workplace

The Quantum workplace is an all-in-one tool. It boosts your employee engagement and performance. It also improves the management styles of the team leaders in the company. The app provides you with an opportunity to track time data on the employee performances offering clear feedback and suggestions to improve. Consider using this app to support your team individually develop each other’s talent while undergoing training or coaching.

Also, you can use this app to access several team management tools. It helps you create alerts and reminders for your managers and track team goals with automatic team updates. With a Quantum workplace, you can keep everyone engaged.

Choosing the right app for your company means understanding how your team works best and their most consuming time on regular tasks. Focus on those needs and offer the necessary tools to your employees for improvement.

Written by sortiwa

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