5 Issues That May Be Slowing Down Your Computer

If you’re doing most of your work on your computer, then keeping it in shape should be a top priority. A slow computer can affect the speed of your work and recreational activity and also serve as a warning sign that something is wrong with your device. 

If you find yourself constantly wondering ‘why is my computer so slow?’ and worrying about the possible repair costs, here are some possible explanations. The fix may be easier than you think.

  1. You’re Running Too Many Programs at Once

Many computer users run multiple programs at once—often more than they think, without necessarily noticing. From the moment you turn on your computer, it likely boots up some programs automatically. This process takes up a certain amount of your computer’s processing power before you’ve even tried to use it for anything. If you run too many programs simultaneously, it can end up overheating your computer, wearing down the components.

If you notice that your computer is running slow, use the task manager to view all the running applications. If you see a specific application is diverting a lot of energy, you can quit that program. Ideally, you can use your startup process settings to stop programs you don’t often need from automatically opening when you turn on your computer.

  1. You Have Some Updates to Install

Developers regularly release updates and patches for operating systems in order to add new features and clean up system bugs. Depending on your settings, your operating system may update itself automatically as long as it’s connected to the internet. However, if you don’t have automatic updates enabled, these updates will accumulate waiting for your permission to install—and you may not even notice.

Most third-party software, like downloaded apps, also requires these operating system updates to work properly. Often, third-party software also needs to be updated to keep up with operating system upgrades. If you notice your computer’s performance is slow, there’s a good chance updating it will improve performance.

  1. You’re Running Out of Space

Overly full storage capacity can significantly bog down your computer performance. Make a habit of keeping an eye on how much disk space is in use. If you’re reaching maximum capacity, you may have issues downloading updates, running applications like games and multimedia software, and even browsing the internet.

Consider deleting files you no longer need, such as outdated documents and duplicates of photos and videos. You can also transfer some of your files to cloud-based storage, or physical hard drives, depending on your needs and budget.

  1. Your Computer Has a Virus

Various types of malware, viruses, spyware, and so on have been slowing computers down for decades. They can sneak onto your computer through routes like unassuming emails and third-party downloads. Viruses and malware can quickly bring things to a halt, even if your computer was previously in tip-top shape.

Thankfully, you can easily protect your PC from malware and viruses by installing antivirus and antimalware programs on your computer, which work to combat digital infections and keep your device running smoothly.

  1. Your Computer is Just Too Old

If none of the above reasons apply to your computer, then the simple explanation may be that your device is simply outdated. Computer parts have their limitations and many older parts are unsuited for running modern operating systems and applications and taking new updates. 

It can be hard to know when it’s time to buy a new computer. Sometimes all you need to do is swap an older part, such as the power supply, RAM, or hard disk, and your device will go back to operating at peak performance. If you’re uncertain, a tech expert will be able to give you a professional opinion.

Keep Your Computer In Shape

In the current moment, home computers have become more critical than ever for work, school, and entertainment. If you’re beginning to notice that your computer is lagging, don’t wait for a total system crash. Figure out the cause of the issue, and address it quickly, to keep everything working properly.

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