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5 Essential Items You Must Have in Your Purse

No one wants to carry a purse that’s so full it feels like you are carrying around a few bricks. What you want are essential items in your purse so that you can use a smaller and more convenient purse.

1. Petroleum Jelly

It’s wise to pack your purse with items that can serve more than one purpose. If you can master this, you’ll be able to reduce the amount of stuff you pack. This specific item is pretty inexpensive, so it won’t cost much to carry it around with you.

The reason this item is essential is that it can be used in different ways. For example, you can use the product to prevent the growth of blister. You can also use petroleum jelly to remove your make up should you need to. There are various sizes to choose from; just make sure you get a size that’ll fit in your purse but won’t overwhelm you.

2. Bit of Makeup

It’s important to have a bit of makeup with you at all times. What you want to do is choose the item you most likely will need during the day. You can’t carry your entire makeup collection in your purse, so you’ll have to compromise. One of the best items to have is lip gloss.

The reason is simply that the chances of your lips needing a little extra gloss is high. The gloss you have on could come off, like if you stop somewhere to eat something. Whatever the reason, you are probably going to need a little extra during your day. You’ll want to find the best lip gloss you can find to make sure you don’t have to reapply often, but this is a good idea.

3. Sanitizer

You are going to need a sanitizer with you on your outings. There’s no telling when you might need to disinfect your hands during the day. You won’t always have access to a restroom to wash your hands, and even when you do, there’s a chance there won’t be any soap.

Imagine being in this situation when you are hungry and want to eat something before you go back home. You don’t want to be in these types of situations, and you don’t have to. All you need is a good sanitizer, and you should be more than okay for the day. You could even make one yourself if you are concerned about harmful ingredients.

4. Hair Elastic

Many things could happen throughout the day, and your specific hairstyle may not work anymore. For one, you may need to keep hair out the way while doing a task. You can turn to your trusty hair elastic or tie for some help.

You want to keep a hair elastic in your purse at all times so that you are prepared for whatever pops up. What if you need to make a gym run, or what if you run into some car trouble and have to work on it yourself? These are a few things that could happen where a good hair tie might come in handy. These things won’t take up too much room in your purse, so keeping a few with you is a good idea.

5. Breath Mints

You can plan all you want, but your day won’t always go exactly as planned. Maybe you didn’t plan on meeting anyone that day, or maybe you meet a stranger but your bad breath is less than ideal. This is a strange situation to find yourself in, especially if you don’t have a solution in your purse.

Since you don’t know when you might need a breath mint, it’s a good idea to just carry some with you at all times. This way you can feel good about eating that delicious, garlic-infused meal without worrying about your breath. Having a few with you also gives you a chance to help others if you find out they are having some bad breath issues as well.

These are some essential items you need to keep in your purse. Most of these items are quite small, so you can downsize if you want to carry less with you.


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