5 Days of Awesome Wallpapers: Cars and Sports Wallpapers


A great wallpaper can start your day off on a good mood. There’s certainly no shortage of places to find something to revitalize your desktop, whether you are into beautiful landscapes, minimalism, abstract illustrations, or eye-catching designs and patterns. With the kind of hours we spend looking at our computer and smartphone screens, why not make them a little prettier?

TechSpot Wallpaper Week – 3rd edition

This is the third edition of Wallpaper Week on TechSpot which we’ve broken down in five categories. We’re refreshing all content, keeping the best high-resolution wallpapers from previous editions and adding a ton of new content, one category per day Monday thru Friday. The idea is to share astonishing wallpapers gathered from around the web by members of the TechSpot staff. Most of these are good to use with your 4K desktop, laptop display or smartphone.

Today’s theme is sports and car-themed wallpapers, also available as .zip file download.

Black Audi R8 parked beside road

Found on Evgeny Tchebotarev

Resolution: 6939 x 4631

Works on: Desktop

Baseball Stadium

Photo by Tim Gouw

Resolution: 2992 × 2000

Best for: Desktop

Blue Ford Raptor

Found on DodoWallpapers

Resolution: 2560 x 1600

Works on: Desktop

Silver Ferrari

Photo by Spencer Davis

Resolution: 2553 x 3191

Works on: Mobile

Surfing during sunset

Photo by Ryan Loughlin

Resolution: 1895 × 2843

Works on: Desktop

Koenigsegg Agera RS

Found on HDQwalls

Resolution: 2500 x 1670

Works on: Desktop

White line on green grass in a soccer field

Photo by Sandro Schuh

Resolution: 5184 × 3456

Best for: Desktop


Photo by Felipe Simo

Resolution: 3382 x 2468

Works on: Desktop

Tennis ball lot

Found on Marvin Ronsdorf

Resolution: 4000 x 6000

Works on: Mobile

Grey Jeep

Photo by Derwin Edwards

Resolution: 7285 x 4857

Works on: Desktop

Football Field

Photo by Ameer Basheer

Resolution: 2160 x 3840

Works on: Mobile

Swimming Pool

Photo by Thomas Park

Resolution: 5958 x 3972

Works on: Desktop

Clouds above sea

Photo by Federico Travaini

Resolution: 3456 x 5184

Works on: Mobile

Mini golf

Photo by Jason Abrams

Resolution: 4644 × 3084

Best for: Desktop

Yellow dome tent under night sky

Photo by Jeremy Thomas

Resolution: 4000 x 6000

Works on: Mobile

Blue Coupe

Photo by Viktor Theo

Resolution: 2635 x 3952

Works on: Mobile

White Range Rover

Found on WallpapersCraft

Resolution: 3840 x 2160

Works on: Desktop

Silhouette of Off-road car

Photo by Jonatan Pie

Resolution: 7042 x 4699

Works on: Desktop

Ford Raptor

Found on Pinterest

Resolution: 3840 x 2535

Works on: Desktop


Found on BMW Blog

Resolution: 1960 x 1102

Works on: Desktop

Basketball court

Photo by tommy boudreau

Resolution: 3130 x 4695

Best for: Mobile

Audi parked near trees

Photo by Vlad Alexandru Popa

Resolution: 6000 x 4000

Works on: Desktop

Red Coupe soft-top on road

Photo by Allan Ducati

Resolution: 4387 x 2722

Works on: Desktop

Glossy red car body

Photo by Mitch Rosen

Resolution: 5265 × 3514

Works on: Desktop

Ping-pong racket

Photo by Josh Sorenson

Resolution: 5184 x 3456

Works on: Desktop

Car, grill, engine and hood

Photo by Chris Knight

Resolution: 4160 × 6240

Works on: Mobile

Red Ferrari Car

Photo by Zachary DeBottis

Resolution: 2624 x 3936

Works on: Mobile

Black Basketball Hoop

Photo by Spencer Lind

Resolution: 6000 x 4000

Works on: Desktop

Volkswagen Atlas Cross Sport Concept

Found on Volkswagen Newsroom

Resolution: 4069 x 1953

Works on: Desktop

Assorted NFL football collection

Photo by Hence the Boom

Resolution: 6000 x 3376

Works on: Desktop

Surfing, beach, man and water

Photo by Jack Antal

Resolution: 5472 × 3648

Works on: Desktop

Running on top on hill

Photo by Jeremy Lapak

Resolution: 3156 x 4203

Works on: Mobile

Black Porsche Vehicle

Photo by Maria Geller

Resolution: 4800 x 3200

Works on: Desktop

Black Hyundai vehicle on road

Photo by SvH

Resolution: 3000 x 2000

Works on: Desktop

Black Toyota 4-door truck

Found on Kelson Downes

Resolution: 5472 x 3648

Works on: Desktop

Bike pattern

Photo by Alessandra Caretto

Resolution: 2443 × 1623

Best for: Desktop

Mercedes Benz parked in a row

Photo by Pixabay

Resolution: 4537 x 3403

Works on: Desktop

Vehicle Light

Photo by Oleg Magni

Resolution: 3024 x 4032

Works on: Mobile


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