4 Resources for Couples Struggling With Intimacy

4 Resources for Couples Struggling With Intimacy (2)-f05d8d2a

Intimacy is a special closeness that two people need for their relationship to thrive. Many issues and problems can cause a couple to struggle with intimacy. Some examples of things that affect intimacy or infidelity issues, financial problems, sex-related issues, and mismatching goals and desires. You will need to seek help if you are having intimacy issues with someone you love. The following are four resources that you can look into if you need help developing or strengthening intimacy in your relationship:

1. Family Counselors

You may want to consider going to a family counseling provider to improve the intimacy between the two of you. This is especially true in situations such as infidelity or some other breach of trust. A counselor can use methods to help the two of you open the lines of communication and discuss what is bothering you. Sometimes, it takes an outside party who can look at the situation objectively and help each of you to see areas where you can improve the relationship.


You may have to consult with several counselors before you find one that both of you can trust. Don’t rush the processes because trust is the most important factor if you want to succeed with counseling. You will know after your first meeting with a particular provider if the individual is the right fit for you.

2. Financial Advisors

It may seem strange, but you may need to seek help from a financial advisor if you’re having a problem with intimacy. Sometimes, one partner acts as the provider more than the other partner does. Intimacy issues can arise if the other party does not feel that the provider is doing his or her part anymore. Fear of losing the home or not being able to pay the bills can fall upon the relationship and cause intimacy to decline immensely. A financial advisor is someone who can look at your financial process as a whole and give you advice and insight to make things better. There may be an issue with money management, debt organization, or a lack of good money-saving techniques. A financial provider can help you put things into perspective so that you can live a calmer and less worrisome life.

3. Sex Therapists

You and your partner may also benefit from visiting a sexual therapist Miami specialist for some sessions. Your sex life might be affecting your intimacy level. Intimacy can suffer when one partner feels that the other partner is selfish and just going through the motions. Intimacy can also fail if both partners are not constantly thinking of ways to spice up sexual contact. You may want to consider consulting with one of these specialists about your sex life. You may find that a sex therapist is non-judgemental, helpful, and quite entertaining at the same time. In fact, the sessions might seem like a breath of fresh air to you.

4. Each Other

You’ve read it correctly. You and your loved one are two of the best resources when it comes to resolving your intimacy issues. Sometimes, relationships grow stale because people simply aren’t going in the same direction in life. For example, one of you may want to get married and the other one doesn’t. One of you might be aspiring to further your career or education, while the other is content with hobbies and low-level jobs. Neither goal nor desire is wrong. However, the two of you need to communicate with each other to ensure that you’re both on the same page. If you’re not on the same page, then you have to find a way to get there or depart from each other’s lives gracefully. Neither thing can happen if you don’t have a good communication system in place. Find the time and place to have a lengthy discussion with each other about your relationship and how you can work together to improve it or dissolve it.

Start Getting Help With Intimacy ASAP

Now you know of at least four places you can go if you need help with intimacy in your relationship. All of them are reliable sources that can bring the two of your closer together. Start contacting providers and scheduling the necessary appointments right away.


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