16 Strange and Beautiful Vintage Cars

From the 1925 Rolls Royce Phantom 1, to the 1938 Phantom Corsair, here are 16 Strange and Beautiful Vintage Cars. Subscribe to Talltanic …


Written by sortiwa

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  1. only the British built Isettas had 3 wheels because of the tax system there , Italian German Spanish Brazilian Belgium and French had 4 wheels the rears were tucked in further than the fronts giving the effect that it only had 3 , back in 1087 someone gave me one and I didn't want it , now I knock myself out

  2. Paul Arzens (you might want to look up how to pronounce that in French) went on to design French locomotives, also with a striking design, and which are going around to this very day. They're called "nez cassés", broken noses.

    He also designed "La baleine" (the whale) in 1938, a car that could easily fit this list.

  3. The Messerschmitt was designed for Airflields just like BMW Isetta too

    Thus #1 … 😀

    an upside down "Reverse Engeneered" Boat … :-DDDDDDDDDDDDDD

    Come on – that was a nice try

  4. BMW made the Isetta it's own when it came to the U.S.? Where did you learn your automotive history? The Isetta was manufactured in Germany for years before export to the U.S. was started… the Heinckel was not a copy of the Isetta, but a combination of the Isetta and the Messerschmidt. If you're going to make videos like this, you might try to at least be accurate.