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12 Ministers Arrested Protesting Tax Plan

Capitol police arrested 12 Christian ministers Thursday morning in the Hart Senate office building during a protest against the GOP tax plan.

The ministers, as yet unidentified, gathered in Hart to participate in the #2000Verses protest campaign, during which they read aloud Christian scriptures about serving the poor and warned senators that their souls were in danger if they supported the GOP tax plan, according to a video posted by Sojourners.

Police warned the minsters, along with a gathering of supporters who held signs, that they were engaging in unlawful conduct and would be arrested if they did not stop, saying “this is your first warning.”


“Senators, we put you on notice. Your souls are in danger, and this is your final warning” one female minister yelled in response as she waved her finger toward the upper floors.

Capitol police warned the protesters three times of their impending arrest if they did not desist. The ministers continued to shout scripture, proclaim warnings of impending spiritual doom against those who supported the GOP tax plan, and argue that those who support the tax plan do not care about the poor. Police arrested 12 of the protesting ministers, handcuffing them and leading them out of Hart into the back of awaiting police vehicles.

Sojourners, a left leaning Christian organization, promotes the #2000verses campaign on their website, urging supporters to protest the GOP tax plan because of its proposed tax cuts and its cuts to federal welfare programs.

“The tax bill being voted on this week in the Senate will blow up the deficit in order to cut taxes for the wealthiest while cutting programs for the poor and vulnerable. That moral choice is immoral and contrary to the priority of the poor in our Scriptures. So we are calling Christians to act,” the Sojourners website promotion reads.

The campaign has garnered support on Twitter from liberal ministers like Jim Wallis, founder of Sojourners, and Jesuit priest James Martin.

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