10 HEALTHY MORNING HABITS – Professional Wild Child

Ever since I changed my morning routine, I have healthier, happier and more productive days. What is the healthy morning habit that you like most? INSTAGRAM:…

Written by sortiwa

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  1. 1. no phone in the bedroom (while sleeping)
    2. don't check your phone/email for an hour
    3. meditate (5-15 min)
    4. drink water
    5. make a healthy breakfast
    6. write down what you're grateful for
    7. go outside and take a deep breath (you can do it in your balcony if you have one)
    8. move your body (15 min workout or just stretch)
    9. do an affirmation (you can post it on your mirror)
    10. visualize your dreams

  2. Lovely tips, Zoe! 🙂 Here's what I do every morning just after I wake up – I stay in bed for a few moments and try and think of at least one thing I'm looking forward to that day. Sometimes it's just really silly things like eating my morning porridge or going to the climbing gym with my friend that day, but it helps me so much to start the day right.

  3. Greatt video, having a morning routine is so essential!
    When I started living on my own, I made my own morning routine and became much more happy and productive!
    I actually made a video on my morning habits for a more productive, creative and happy mornings!

  4. I have watched this video of yours many times now, it isn't easy to develop a morning routine of my own, specially when I'm feeling down (most of the time lately) and all I want is just another 5 minutes of sleep, which quickly turn into an hour and then I have to do everything so fast that I end up at work without even having had time to put on some make up. Anyway, this is something I have to be concerned with, what I really want to say to you is that not only this video, but your mood, your words, your lifestyle (even though not everything applies to mine)… YOU are inspiring, and I'd like to say that I'm grateful to have found your channel. Cheers from Brazil! :]

  5. Dit is de vlog waar je het over had in Italië, ik moest hem natuurlijk wel even kijken. Heel leuk, een paar dingen deed ik al en de rest ga ik zeker proberen morgenvroeg <3