​Apple Watch: 10 reasons why and how it is a big business for Apple


Apple beat the entire Swiss watch industry in early 2019. Swiss watch industry includes luxury brands like Swatch, Tissot and Tag Heuer. As per Apple’s financial filings, the company shipped 30.7 million watches in 2019, beating the entire Swiss watch industry, which is estimated to have shipped 21.1 million watches over the same period. Launched in 2015, it took Apple only 5 years to dominate this 200-year-old industry. Some analysts believe that Apple’s focus on health and fitness positioned its watches differently from the Swiss timepieces that are marketed as fashion accessories. Its ecosystem of iPhone, iPad and other Apple-branded products too helps. The Apple Watch is not only a device to tell time but also an extension of iPhone in many ways — notifications, calendar, mail and more .


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