Help support us Cass Naumann gives an introduction to yoga. Cass is a singer, songwriter, model and actress. Yoga for fitness, health and wellness will…

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  1. I really enjoy yoga, but sometimes I get to where I just want to MOVE faster so I took up dancing as well so I do yoga in the evening and dancing in the afternoon or morning. I love yoga though its a great way to chill

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  3. Yoga was created mostly by Indian sages in ancient India, the majority of them where men. In western culture most men are into sports and activities that dont require much flexibility and balance, so yoga attracts many women in the west due to its fluidity. So Yoga is for everyone, all people and any culture. 🙂

  4. @Nations: Being that you are a white supremacist/white supremacist shill I suppose I understand your comment but, I certainly do not condone it!

    Burn in Hell.

  5. @iwransom If I was in a yoga class with her my junk would burst over the top of any cup I was wearing. I would have to rig up some sort of device involving spikes that would cause me intense physical pain as soon as a boner began (thus making the erection go down).